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Immediate Needs Transportation Program

The Immediate Needs Transportation Program provides supplemental transportation assistance to meet the basic needs of individuals with limited resources.

Project Description

The Immediate Needs Transportation Program (INTP) provides subsidized taxi service and/or a transit subsidy for Los Angeles County residents with limited resources who have a transportation need and no other resources to meet that need.

The service is made available throughout Los Angeles County via a wide range of not-for-profit and government agencies that distribute taxi coupons, transit tokens and/or scrip to their clients.  Metro provides funding for this program.

The Immediate Needs Transportation Program is built upon a cooperative partnership between the two lead agencies: FAME Assistance Corp. (FAC) and the International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA).  Each operates under an agreement with Metro, shares in major decision-making related to the program's direction, manages the program in its own geographic area, and reports directly to Metro.

Areas Served by the Two Lead Agencies: IILAS and FAC

Areas served be the two lead agenciesIILA's area for working with distributing agencies lies north of the line described below and FAC's area lies to the south:

  • Start at the Pacific Ocean on Sunset Boulevard and go northeast to its intersection with Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Follow Hollywood Boulevard east to Sunset (near Vermont).
  • Follow Sunset southeast to the Harbor Freeway.
  • Follow the Harbor Freeway southwest to the Santa Monica Freeway.
  • Follow the Santa Monica Freeway southwest to Alameda Street.
  • Follow Alameda Street south to Artesia Boulevard.
  • Follow Artesia Boulevard east to the San Bernardino County line.
  • FAC continues to serve the Union Rescue Mission.

Transportation Subsidy Fare Media

There are three types of transportation subsidies under the INTP Program:

  • Taxi Coupon ($11 value, effective July 1, 2008)
  • Variable Value Voucher
  • Metro Tokens/Foothill Transit Day Passes/Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) Day Pass/SCRIP

An eligible participant may receive $11 taxi coupons, Variable Value Vouchers, Metro tokens, and/or scrip.  Regardless of the specific subsidy or combination of subsidy issued, an individual may not receive more than $35 in subsidy value per month.

Taxi Coupons

  • Each coupon has a fixed maximum value of $11. For estimating purposes, this covers a distance of approximately 3 miles.

Variable Value Vouchers

  • Variable Value Vouchers are for emergencies only.  They are available for travel only to certain agencies such as hospitals, shelters, the corrections department and those serving homebound seniors, with no ASI access.

Transit Tokens & Scrip

  • Participants who can use regular bus or rail transportation for some of their INTP trips will be issued transit tokens for the appropriate transit system.
  • Metro tokens are available through this program.
  • Each client may receive no more than $35 in transit tokens/scrip.
  • Foothill Transit Day Passes are available through agencies in the Foothill District.
  • AVTA Day Passes are available through the agencies in the AVTA service area.

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